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High Quality Plastic Vacuum Autoloader

Vacuum autoloader for hopper dryer
Induction hopper loader
Split-style autoloader
plastic granule/pellet autoloader
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This series of vacuum loaders utilizes a stainless steel hopper and a high efficiency vacuum motor. Built with a motor overload protection device and material shortage automatic alarm system, this machine is of light weight, endurance, strong absorption, easy to install and operate. It can work and be installed with different types of plastic molding machines, hot-air dryers and other facilities to provide the best solution to material conveying.

Features of  this plastic vacuum autoloader for hopper dryer

1) Microcomputer control, easy to operate and maintain

2) Stainless steel hopper keeps raw materials from being contaminated

3) Sensor-type motor with overload protection to protect motor and prolong lifetime

4) Independent air filter for easy maintenance and dust removal

5) Filter window visible, easy to detect and clean

6) Reversible net or compressed air net optional, reducing maintenance time

7) Material shortage alarm system and full hopper indication

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