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Zhangjiagang Apollo Machinery Co., Ltd., the plastic industry gave birth to Apollo machinery, Apollo machinery has changed the plastic industry (blow molding), Apollo and the plastic industry complement each other and grow together. We are growing, progressing and developing every day. I hope our progress and development can help you (customers) improve products and processes, and promote the healthy development of the integrated industry. The key to development is not how much glory and reputation we had yesterday, but how much change and progress we have made today and tomorrow? Based on the persistent concept of forgetting yesterday, looking forward to the future, striving for today and making progress every day, we will continue to serve our customers. Let's work together with you for a better tomorrow.

Apollo has established a closed-loop management mode integrating R&D, production, sales and service. The products are not only popular at home and abroad, but also exported to Saudi Arabia, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Hungary, Poland and other countries and regions, winning the trust of users. Based on the spirit of seeking truth and innovation, the business philosophy of serving users, and years of practical experience in the blow molding industry, Apollo Machinery is willing to wholeheartedly provide new customers with more advanced blow molding equipment and mature blow molding technology.

Let's work together with you for a better tomorrow.

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