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Plastic Material Granules Extruder Hopper Dryer

1.drying general plastic material
2.Low noise blower
3.aluminum hull
4.hopper dryer /Plastic drying machine
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Plastic granules hopper dryer /Plastic drying machine

this series of hot-air dryers is the most effective and efficient machine to dry various types of raw plastic materials using hot air at high temperatures. It can dry raw materials which get moist or wet during packaging, transportation or recycling. Fast and space-saving, the design of the machine has made itself easy to be installed on the plastic molding machinery to function immediately. All the models in this series can work with a 24-hour Panasonic timer with pre-configured switch.

Features of plastic granules extruder hopper dryer /Plastic drying machine

1) PID temperature control, accurate and reliable temperature control.

2) Curved design of hot air tube to avoid burning caused by the accumulation of scraps at the bottom of the tube.

3) Thermal diffusion device used to evenly disperse hot air, keeping the drying temperature of the plastic even, improving drying efficiency.

4) Barrel and hopper are separate for easy material cleaning and fast material change.

5) Barrel can be turned over on the hopper for fast material change and easy maintenance.

6) Over temperature protection device installed. It will shut down once there is over heat.

7) Windows on the body and base of the barrel for observation of the material inside

8) Work with 24-hour Panasonic timer with pre-configured switch.

9) Double insulation barrel is optional for all machine types.

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